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Wildfires Don’t Play Nice

You never gonna see it coming
One minute, everything is calm
The next you are staring at a wildfire
Wildfires don’t play nice!

They don’t stop, pause or wait
Until you’re ready
If conditions are right
Wildfires would just grow

They burn harder
Than most other fires
Their burn is more destructive
You can’t play with this kind of fire
Or it will consume you

So when you find yourself
Staring down at a wildfire
When you can’t breathe or walk
When you are hurting so much
You are actually numb

Just remember
Wildfires may not play nice
But neither do you

This is poem from the TV series Station 19 Season 2 Episode 17 titled Into the Wildfire. It was aired May 16, 2019.

The plot:
The Station 19 team in Seattle, Washington packs its gear and heads to Los Angeles, California to help battle a deadly wildfire that is raging out of control.

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