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Italian designer Arturo ​Vittori and his ​team ​created a water-​catchment ​system that can ​produce potable ​water by ​harvesting dew, ​rain and mist ​using a unique ​tower structure.​ Warka Water is ​made up of a ​bamboo frame, ​recyclable mesh,​ rope and a ​water collector.​

Warka Water (WW) is an alternative water source to rural population that faces challenges in accessing drinkable water. It is first and foremost an architecture project. WW should not be considered as the solution to all water problems in developing countries but rather as a tool that can provide clean water in selected areas, particularly in mountainous regions where conventional pipelines will never reach and where water is not available from wells. These remote communities, often with limited financial means, struggle to find reliable supplies of clean water for the people, the animals and for agriculture.

WW is designed to be owned and operated by the villagers, a key factor that should help guarantee the success of the project. WW not only provides a fundamental resource for life – water – but also creates a social place for the community, where people can gather under the shade of its canopy for education and public meetings.

The device can ​be assembled ​cheaply and ​easily by six ​people in ​roughly four ​days. This ​biomimetic ​water harvester ​takes its ​inspiration ​from nature ​including ​termite hives ​– their ​airflow, shape ​and geometry ​have helped ​shape the ​device. ​It’s been ​trialed in ​Ethiopia and ​Italy. ​The structure ​relies on ​gravity, ​condensation ​and evaporation ​to generate ​drinking water, ​and doesn’​t require ​electrical ​power. Each ​tower costs ​about $1,000, ​significantly ​less than other ​water relief ​options ​available.

The name of the project ‘Warka’ comes from the Warka Tree, which is a giant wild fig tree native to Ethiopia. It constitutes a very important part of the local culture and ecosystem by providing its fruit and a gathering place for the community

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