5 Types of Bloggers in Nigeria. Which One are You?

Being a blogger is one thing. Being a blogger in Nigeria is another thing. Over time, because of the value I add to the blogging community in Nigeria, I have come in contact with lots of people in Nigeria who started their blogs several years ago. I also get contact messages from those who recently started their blogs. The truth is, as you are reading this, some Nigerians are either starting their first blog or some are starting another blog. There are different types of Bloggers in Nigeria but I'll limit the numbers to five based on the focus of this blog.

As a blogger in Nigeria, you deserve to make lots money if you are doing what is right with your blog. If you put many hours into your blog every week, spent a lot of megabytes just to stay online and blog, and you don't actually earn anything from it. I think you have a choice. Your blog itself won't make you money. It is what you do with your blog that makes you money. You have a choice to either do the right thing or keep doing what you are doing and expect a different result - this is insanity.

I understand that blogging could be a hobby for most people reading right now. A hobby isn't always as profitable until you make it professional. To make money with your blog requires you determine which type of blogger you are and then constantly seek to improve on yourself. Below, you will find the types of bloggers in Nigeria and the category of their monthly income from the internet. Locate which type you are and make effort to improve on yourself daily.

Type 1: Hobbyist

As a hobbyist, what you do is not clearly defined. You blog for general purpose. You blog about anything that fascinates you. You blog because you just want to have a presence online and be in the trend. This is what people refer to as "just blogging for fun". At this level, depending on the strategies you engage, you should be making around ₦30,000 a month.

Type 2: Serious Hobbyist

This is a level about a hobbyist. As a serious hobbyist, you finally found out that being a hobbyist is not really profitable. You are now focused on creating value for your audience. You are getting more serious. What you do here is not just to publish articles on your blog but also to solve problems peculiar to your readers. If you do the right things, you should be making between ₦30,000 - ₦50,000 per month.

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Type 3: Semi-professional

As you create more value, more opportunities begin to open up for you. Here, you build a 'tribe' around your passion and niche. You have blogging leaders/mentors you follow, mates you network with and active follower you are leading. You are now taking blogging more serious and using effective blogging tools and resources. Here you should be making between ₦50,000 - ₦150,000 per month.

Type 4: Professional

Here, you have established yourself as a blogging leader. You know your market. People place value on you and your blog(s). You create your own products - books, ebooks, audios, videos, webinars, online courses, physical seminars etc. You are have moved from just publishing blog posts/articles that fascinate you. You publish posts strategically. Posts that will be very useful to your readers and also bring you some returns on the time you put into writing the posts. At this level, you should be making like ₦150,000 or more depending on the specific strategy you engage based on your own niche.

Type 5: Business Builder

The focus here is to solidify all that you have built over the years into one huge business that auto-generates income for you. Which means you have built a system that makes you money passively on auto-pilot. You may not publish a post/article on your blog in one month but you will still be getting enough incomes. This is because you have built systems with your blog that makes you money while you are probably on vacation. Here, you have fully incorporated a business or businesses with your blog. This happens through repetitive leads, having optimised your customer value chain. Some other things you can do include joint venture partnerships, collaborations, creating audio/video courses, membership sites, etc. Here money is not the issue anymore. You are instead building and improving on a business system! And the system can generate millions for you monthly depending on the idea you have and the strategies you deploy.

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Please note, you don't get to become a business builder if you have not gone through the other levels. Sometimes, most times actually, this takes a number of years to get to. But if you will apply the things you will find on on this blog, it won't take too you long for you to become an online business builder. The aim of this blog - Make Money Online Nigeria is to create online business builders in Nigeria.

At this point, I need to ask, which type of blogger are you?


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  1. Hi

    This post is really evaluating me. I've been online for a while but no steady income!

    I need to do something differently.


  2. hmm! interesting Adesoji, with my current level on blogging, i am a serious hobbyist while I work full time in a technology company and hope to upgrade to the next level.

    1. Hi Oge,

      It's good you know what you level is at the moment. That gives you more room for improvement. I'm glad you will work more and upgrade to the next level.

      Thanks for your comment

  3. Interesting piece and very insightful. Soji, thanks for correcting the notion that blogs don't make money without effort and passion. Stay blessed, amigo...

  4. During my early entry into the website/blogging world in 2008, I experimented with a lot of platform, a lot of niche and I learned so much, but one thing was clear. I knew what I wanted to do online and blogging wasn't really my thing. The only kind of blog I thought I could manage with passion without losing interest is health blog. The problem with most Nigerian bloggers or new-comers is that they think blogging is an ATM machine, hell No!!! Its not, and if fast money is what you need, then blogging isn't what you need. My point is, not everyone is supposed to be into blogging but Nigerians have this mentality of one way traffic thing. God bless bloggers, I'm Turner Andrews CEO zingtelecoms a telecommunication/telemarketing firm.

      1. Yes i'm running it underground for now because I'm aiming to have large article contents of up to 1000 posts before I start promoting.

  5. It's still quite confusing as your post seems to not capture my mind very quickly. Please, add some examples to this five types of bloggers to give better understanding.

    1. Hi,

      The aim of this post is not to show examples of the types of bloggers. The aim is for you (and other bloggers) to evaluate yourself (themselves) and see what type of blogger you (they) are. By knowing what type of blogger you are and what type you want to become, you'll be able to find what you need to do to continually improve.

  6. Hello Adesoji,

    I think I am Serious Hobbyist type of blogger, I am now trying to go from a Serious Hobbyist to a Semi Professional type of blogger.

    Thanks for putting this up!

  7. "You are not taking blogging more serious and using"
    I think it should be the other way round.

    But awesome article there.

  8. Wow just figured this post is a year old and well it does make a lot of sense to me... thanks for the piece... and also Don Caprio for sharing the link on fb

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