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3 Tools to Keep Yourself Safe on Twitter

Keeping yourself safe on Twitter is one of the most important thing to do daily. As you may have known, Twitter gives the very latest information on things you really care about most. This empowers you to take part in a free exchange of ideas that happens on Twitter on a daily basis. There are a vast tools and resources you can use to ensure you control what you see or get involved in on Twitter. Continue reading

5 Twitter Marketing Mistakes to Avoid for Your Business

Twitter is a good social media tool any business can use as a marketing tool. However, there are a lot of businesses who makes Twitter marketing mistakes. If you are already using Twitter as a marketing tool, you may be making some of the listed mistakes below. And, if you are just starting out, these are mistakes you need to avoid. This is because there all kind of people using Twitter. Which means, there is a high probability that your prospective business client/customer is already using Twitter for fun and for getting more informed about the kinds of products and services your business offers. If you don’t do Twitter marketing effectively, you will be losing more than you plan to gain. Continue reading

How to Use Twitter Effectively for Your Online Business

I’m sure you might have read countless posts about Twitter. True, I also have. In all of them, I learn one new thing or the other. If you are already on Twitter, or you are just about ti gets started, this is a post/article you must read so as to get the best out of your use of Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging social network which literally means that you have just 140 characters to express yourself. So what can do you with this 140 characters to benefit your online business? Continue reading

How to Create a Twitter Website Card for More Traffic

One way to get massive traffic to your blog is to effectively use Twitter as a traffic generation tool. However, you have your blog and your Twitter account as a stand alone. Which means, to get traffic to your blog from Twitter, you need to keep sharing lot of texts and URLs that takes your followers and those who sees your tweet to your blog. What about bringing your blog and your Twitter account together in one place? This is where the Twitter web site card is most useful. Continue reading

Ways to Learn More about your Twitter followers

When someone follows you on Twitter, the person decided to stay connected to your Tweets and all the things you share on Twitter. Your Twitter followers stay in touch with your business via your tweets. Learning more about your twitter followers will help you to increase your engagement on Twitter. It will also help you to make decisions to push out tweets that are really useful to your followers. The result of this is that you get more views, click-through and sales for the things you offer on Twitter. Continue reading

Reach More Customers with Twitter Ads

Whether you’re trying to gain more followers, drive website traffic or capture leads, create a Twitter Ads campaign that does just that. Twitter is growing bigger daily and it’s a micro-blogging/social media network you can use to improve your business success online. And the good thing is, Twitter Ads is open for anybody to use. If you are on Twitter already, you should step up your use of Twitter for your business gains. In this post you will found out about setting up Twitter ads campaigns that is easy for any type of business. Continue reading

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