best of 2016

The Best of 2016: All Other Top Strategies

This is the last article from the best of 2016 series. In this article, you will find the contents in…

10 Types of Spam Blogs that face Google’s Search Penalty

Search engine optimisation is a very important thing to do for your blogs and website in order to rank high…

adsense earnings

$200+ AdSense Earnings in A Day

It’s no news that one of the smart ways to make money online is with Google AdSense. However, lots of…

get recurring traffic

How to Get Recurring Traffic to Your Blog without a Lot of Work

There are various ways to get recurring traffic to your blog. I’m not sure how many you use already but…

post on social media

Do you Know How Often You Should Post on Social Media?

Do you wonder how often you should post on social media to increase engagement and get more followers? If you…

eliminate website flaws

SEO Hacks to Increase Your Search Traffic: Eliminate Website Flaws

There are several SEO hacks SEO newbies can perform on their blogs. One of such is to eliminate website flaws….

bing webmaster tools

How to Use Bing Webmaster Tools as a Keyword Research Tool

There are various keyword research tools online to use. One of such is the Bing Webmaster Tools. Though Google Webmaster…

get more readers

How to Use Keywords to Get More Readers to your Blog

You can use keyword effectively to get more readers to your blog. In simple terms, keywords are just words or…

blog post

This is How to Write a Blog Post People want to Read

Admit it. Writing is hard. No.   To write a blog post that people want to read is hard!  …

one million views

How to Get One Million Monthly Views on Your Blog without SEO

So you want to be getting at least a million monthly views of your blog? This is very possible. If…

website optimization strategy

Website Optimization Strategy for Improving Conversions

Before you build a website/blog, it is very important that you have a concrete website optimization strategy. You need to…

generate consistent traffic

How to Generate Traffic by Giving Away Products

When giving away free products, you should always be mindful of your final objective: to generate traffic for your site….

facebook instant articles

How to Setup Facebook Instant Articles on WordPress

Facebook Instant Articles is a mobile publishing format that enables news bloggers and content marketers to distribute their contents/articles to…

Apple News Publisher

Guide to Becoming an Apple News Publisher

Becoming an Apple news publisher will make it easy for any blogger to distribute interactive and engaging articles on Apple…

Part 3: Search Engine Optimization Tips

Are you missing out from the goodies search engine optimization (SEO) gives? Today should be the beginning of a better…

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