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The Chase

The Chase

the chase


One will chase a thousand

Two will chase tens of a thousand!

What business or relationship can you and someone else do together and get maximum results?

Please note, you will need to give at least a 1000% commitment to the #chase.

Speak with that person right now if you are ready to give your all!

@AdesojiAdegbulu my thoughts this morning #20102015


Finally, I Looked Up!

There are times in life when every thing seems to stop working out the way we want it to be. We look for things but we don’t find them. We therefore look down on ourselves and wish we are not in such situation. As it common to life, we get to find ourselves in such situation. I find myself in such situations too. During one of such situations, I came out with this poem titled, “Finally, I Looked Up”. I believe you will find this useful, especially if you share my faith. Continue reading

Life Lesson from Charging Mobile Phones


You see, mobile phones are very useful but they become very useless when their batteries are not charged at all. Mobile phones are well built with all the features and functionality that will make it work any day and at any time. But the thing is, mobile phones was not built to function without a battery. Maybe in the future, there would be mobile phones without batteries or mobile phones that needs not to be charged at all. Continue reading

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