The Rebuilder


The truth is, we are living in a broken world. This means bad things happen to us all. As long as we remain in this world, bad things will continue to happen. As true as that is, the truth also is, we have a choice to make. Either we allow those bad things to take shape in our heart and then become bitter towards everyone OR we can choose to pick up the pieces, confront, forgive, extend grace and heal.

The healing process is difficult but it’s worth it. We are made to heal and then help others who go through such bad things to heal also. But if you choose to remain bitter, things get from bad to worse. It then gets to a breaking point with no redemption (a point of destruction). You don’t want to go far down on the choice to remain bitter.

Through a relationship with Christ, you have the power to heal and then be a rebuilder who rebuild families, overcome hurts, and restore relationships.

Will you choose to be a rebuilder or be owned by bitterness?

Image source: Living on the edge


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