Adesoji Adegbulu

The Evolution and the Internet of Everything

the internet

The Internet as we know it today is not what it used to be. It involves a lot of things which I’m not going to bore you with. Briefly, I will be showing you the evolution of the internet as it pertains to business and social impacts. This brief is inspired while reading/studying some of CISCO System Inc’s publication on Internet of Everything (IoE). A personal info – I am a part-time IoE and entrepreneurship student at Cisco Networking Academy

Cisco Systems, Inc is an American corporation technology company headquartered in San Jose, California, that designs, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide. It is the largest networking company in the world.


How has the Internet Evolved with respect to Business and Social Impacts?

Connectivity: Digitized access to information via email, web browser and search engines.
Networked Economy: Digitized business process via e-Commerce, digital supply chain and net collaborations.
Immersive Experiences: Digitized (Business and Social) interactions via social networks, mobile devices, cloud computing and on-demand videos.
Internet of Things: Digitized world via connecting data and things
Internet of Everything: Digitized world via connecting people, process, data and things.


The Internet of Everything (IoE)

IoE is able to improve the quality of life for people everywhere by taking advantage of connected things and the data produced, and thereby incorporating new processes that enable people to make better decisions and offerings. With IoE, accurate and timely information for business and social processes can result in changing human behaviour for the benefit of all people.

With IoE, creative solutions can be implemented to solve social and economic problems by connecting people, process, data and things. Such solutions require a teamwork of innovative business models, value propositions, partners, resources, relations, customers and channels with an integration of IoE in the solution.

What role are you playing in the present state of the internet?