Taking the Initiative

What does it mean to take the initiative? It simply means, being a self-starter. Someone who takes the initiative often makes the most of everyday opportunities despite the risk(s) involved. They are most times the first one to raise a problem for discussion.

“Taking the Initiative” as a Competency

People with a high level of this ability do things without needing to be prompted to action or have an example set by someone else. These people are however sometimes too quick, takes excessive risks, or do not allow others to have a say. People with a low level of this ability will often be slightly hesitant and therefore miss out on opportunities or let others make us of the opportunities.

This competency is useful when it is important to make the most of opportunities and get results. For example, taking the initiative is important in roles such as an entrepreneur, a salesperson, or an activity leader.

How Can you Develop this Competency?

There are many ways to go about this. However, here are two tips you can start with right now.

  • ask yourself regularly whether what you are doing could be better or more fun, and if it could be then take appropriate steps.
  • keep in mind that successful initiatives bring plenty of recognition.

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