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Why Wastewater? #WorldWaterDay

It’s another year and another World Water Day, a day coordinated by UN-Water in collaboration with governments and partners, is fast approaching. The World Water Day 2017 is coming up on March 22 and is all about wastewater. You may ask, why wastewater? That’s because the main focus of the UN’s World Water Day is on how we should be reducing and reusing water rather than letting water go down the drain. We are taking action to tackle the global water crisis. Continue reading

World Water Day 2015: Water and Sustainable Development

A day to celebrate, a day to change, a day to prepare. World Water Day is marked on 22 March every year. It’s a day to celebrate water. It’s a day to make a difference for the members of the global population who suffer from water related issues. It’s a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future. In 1993, the United Nations General Assembly designated 22 March as the first World Water Day. 22 years later, World Water Day is celebrated around the world shining the spotlight on a different issue every year. Continue reading

The World is Thirsty

The world’s population doubled in 40 years from 1959 to 1999. Today, the earth sustains 7 billion people, and another 2 billion are expected to join us by 2050. Coping with population growth and ensuring access to nutritious food for everyone is a major challenge. The UN World Water Day aims to draw attention to the relationships between water and food security. Agriculture is the biggest user of freshwater on the planet: close to 70 percent of all freshwater used by humans goes to irrigation – not only for food crops but also for non-food crops such as rubber, cotton and oil. Continue reading

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