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  • More than 70 Million Accounts Suspended on Twitter

    Twitter is suspending millions of accounts every month including 70 million users in the past two months. These accounts are said to be fake and or suspicious. Over a million fake and suspicious accounts are suspended on Twitter almost every day.Read More »

  • The Biggest Changes to Anticipate in Mobile Apps this Year

    2018 is looking set to bring a multitude of exciting and necessary changes to the biggest mobile apps you know and love. From Facebook to Instagram, you can expect to see plenty of new improvements and advancements on these platforms and so much more this year. Here are just some of the biggest changes to anticipate.Read More »

  • The Evolution and the Internet of Everything

    The Internet as we know it today is not what it used to be. It involves a lot of things which I'm not going to bore you with. Briefly, I will be showing you the evolution of the internet as it pertains to business and social impacts. This brief is inspired while reading/studying some of CISCO System Inc's publication on Internet of Everything (IoE). A personal info - I am a part-time IoE and entrepreneurship student at Cisco Networking AcademyRead More »

  • Discover My First Tweet

    There's a #FirstTweet for everyone. I joined Twitter two (2) days before my birthday in 2008 (i.e. November 4) and posted my First Tweet some days after. From then till the moment of writing this post, I have posted over 41, 000 TweetsRead More »


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