• Love Genuinely or Be Nothing!

    We can write the best novel
    We can take the best photo/video
    We can make the best musicRead More »

  • 5 Ways to Grow a Thriving Online Business in Just 3 Weeks!

    This is a long-form content containing tried and true strategies for running and growing a thriving online business. As you can read from the title, the default time-span for these strategies is 21-days (3 weeks). However, depending on you, this may take longer or shorter than that. Are you ready? Let's get right into it.Read More »

  • Why I Hate Religion

    A poem I wrote to highlight the difference between Jesus and false religion. In the scriptures Jesus received the most opposition from the most religious people of his day. At it's core Jesus' gospel and the good news of the Cross is in pure opposition to self-righteousness/self-justification. Religion is man centered, Jesus is God-centered. This poem highlights my journey to discover this truth. Read More »

  • The Chase

    The Chase

    the chase


    One will chase a thousand

    Two will chase tens of a thousand!

    What business or relationship can you and someone else do together and get maximum results?

    Please note, you will need to give at least a 1000% commitment to the #chase.

    Speak with that person right now if you are ready to give your all!

    @AdesojiAdegbulu my thoughts this morning #20102015


  • The Rebuilder


    The truth is, we are living in a broken world. This means bad things happen to us all. As long as we remain in this world, bad things will continue to happen. As true as that is, the truth also is, we have a choice to make. Either we allow those bad things to take shape in our heart and then become bitter towards everyone OR we can choose to pick up the pieces, confront, forgive, extend grace and heal.Read More »


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