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  • Save 30% in Theme Junkie's Spooky Sale 💀

    It's another Halloween - the right timing for a spooky sale! Which means you have another opportunity to save money on your purchase of some internet tools. This time, you can save 30% on your purchase of well-designed WordPress themes made by one of the WordPress theme makers - ThemeJunkie.Read More »

  • How to Use Email Autoresponder

    What is an Email Autoresponder?

    An email autoresponder is a sequence of emails sent to those who subscribe to the campaign you have series of emails for. Those emails are setup to go out at predetermined intervals automatically.Read More »

  • How to Use the Power of PRISM to Build Your Online Business

    Building an online business is tough. If you are not tough, you will find yourself losing a lot. However, you can use the power of PRISM to win customers and sales for your online business Only tough people wins doing business online. It will take you a lot of hard work to make a profit from your online business. That's why you need a framework called PRISM. It is designed to help businesses make more sales online, step by step. Read More »

  • 3 Factors Affecting Online Advertising Sales

    There are many factors that affects online advertising sales. Some of these factors include the website's demographics, the richness and reach of the advertisements, and the conversion the site can generate. Other factors, such as the type & design of advertisement used and the placement of the advertisement on the page affects the number of sales an advertiser makes.Read More »

  • Online Marketing Tip: How to Sell through Email

    You can sell through email! People do this every day. You too can. More than half of online businesses generate 10% or more of their sales through email marketing. More than 44% of email recipients have made at least one purchase based on a promotional email. Also, email marketing stats says for every $1 spent on email marketing, there is an average of $28.5 as returns.Read More »


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