• 7 Reasons Why We Like to Make Money. Reason #3 is the Best

    We all like money to make money for different reasons. If I were to ask you why you like to make money, I'm sure that you'll give lots of reasons. Today, I'll be sharing with you 7 out of all the reasons why we like to make money. I need you to read this and not skip it. You will find it useful. Also, there is something at the end of this post that I'll be glad you respond to. Don't worry, I won't ask you for money 😉 Read More »

  • 5 Types of Bloggers in Nigeria. Which One are You?

    Being a blogger is one thing. Being a blogger in Nigeria is another thing. Over time, because of the value I add to the blogging community in Nigeria, I have come in contact with lots of people in Nigeria who started their blogs several years ago. I also get contact messages from those who recently started their blogs. The truth is, as you are reading this, some Nigerians are either starting their first blog or some are starting another blog. There are different types of Bloggers in Nigeria but I'll limit the numbers to five based on the focus of this blog.Read More »

  • Why Passion is NOT Enough to Make Money Online

    You've heard the advice – start a business based on your passion and the money starts to roll in. Be determined; add value and give, give, give without asking back and your passion will open doors for you. And it's true – your passion indeed can position you for success and open doors that may otherwise remain shut in your face. It sounds so simple; you wonder why your passion is yet to make you money online. But don't get worked up. You are not the only one in this boat. There are several thousand online entrepreneurs wondering why their passion is not generating tons of cash.Read More »

  • You May Lose!


    So what?

    Explore your ideas, follow your dreams not for the thought that you may lose but for the thought that you may win.Read More »

  • 5 Tips on What Makes a Good Blog

    Today, there are millions of blogs and thousands are coming up each day. All of these people starts a blog hoping to make a good blog and be successful in the blogging world. The competition is real. Standing out of the crowd of pro-bloggers is hard. Of a truth, if you consider all that you have to do to stand tall in this crowd, quitting blogging before starting seems to be the easy way out. After all, blogging is not for everybody. It's not a must you start a blog. However, if you want to be successful, there are several things you need to get involved in. You will find below the things you need to do to make yourself a good blog people will find useful. Read More »


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