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How to Successfully Create Your Own Information Products

One of the main thing you can sell online is an information product. This is because people are always looking to be informed. The truth about information product is that while some is selling an information some people somewhere is giving the same information out for free. If you prospects finds the free information, that is good and if they choose to pay for the same information, that is better. Even the information you would be reading here is free while some people will package it into an information product and sell it. Continue reading

Nigeria Now Leads United Kingdom in Internet Access

Nigeria has emerged one of the fastest growing countries in global information technology access (Internet Access), rising above United Kingdom (UK) in ranking. According to statistics released by market research and statistics specialists, digitXplus, the digital Unit of mediareachOMD Nigeria, the country has recorded a 200% growth in internet users between 2009 and 2013. Continue reading

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