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Time Bank

Time is one property that everyone has in equal amount, yet people live lives worthy of emulation and praises because they have left foot prints in the sands of time, while some others go through life only to wonder at their old age when and how all the time passed. Truth is, right from the time we were born, we had all been served, and the legacy you’ll leave behind will not be achieved by merely wishing or dreaming dreams, or waiting for when things get better before those around you can be impacted or blessed by you. Continue reading

3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Memory

What did you eat for lunch on Tuesday? When’s your best friend’s birthday? Where did you go on vacation last summer? Can’t recall? That’s doesn’t necessarily mean you have a bad memory. It could simply be that you’re not using it right, says Annie Murphy Paul, blogger and author of “The Cult of Personality Testing,” in a recent LinkedIn post. Continue reading

I Am A Nigerian! Who are you?

I am a Nigerian and I love my country. It doesn’t matter whatsoever Nigeria is right now, I know there are still better things to achieve as a Nigerian. No nation started on a platter of Gold. No nation was created with a silver spoon. All the nations we envy today, started from somewhere. And good enough Nigeria is getting better. Continue reading

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