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How One Strategy Generated $100,000 for a Stupid Idea

This is a guest post by Hannah Edia, a freelance writer who is focused on helping you create, launch and grow your business with content that positions you as an authority in your field of expertise.

262,000,000. That’s the number of results the search query “how to launch an idea” generated on Google. What this means is, a lot of people are asking questions on how to launch their business ideas; but the trend with a lot of want-to be entrepreneurs is they are waiting for the perfect website, custom-made business cards, high-end business event before they attempt to network or to afford a million-dollar business coach or start-up fund. Continue reading

Ignite Ideas: Aspiring Entrepreneurs to Get ₦100,000 each

Nigeria is blessed with great people, Highly talented, hard-working and smart people with great business ideas. However, very little has been done to ensure the ideas materialize because of lack of funds. One of the problems militating against the materialization of business ideas from the budding entrepreneurs is funding. To help address the issues of funding for the budding entrepreneurs, AGDC, under the IGNITE initiative, partners with The Chair Centre Group and Lagos State Government, to commission the conduct of a crowd sourced contest called IGNITE BUSINESS IDEAS CONTEST aimed at identifying One Thousand One hundred (1,100) innovative and viable business ideas. Continue reading

Do These

You should do these business tips if you are considering building a successful brand. I’m working on it myself. The truth is, a brand is using these tips and they are making billions of dollars doing so. You will find out about the brand later. Continue reading

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