Global warming

  • 12 Questions every Climate Activist should Answer

    As a climate activist, maybe you’re at an office holiday party and your coworkers are enjoying the eggnog a little too much. Before you know it, the questions about our climate begin. Or maybe you’re at a family dinner and your brother-in-law asks, “But if there’s a snowstorm outside, can the climate really be warming?”Read More »

  • How Global Warming is Affecting Crop Nutrient Quality

    Researchers at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden revealed that the concentration of nitrogen in plants' tissue is lower in air with high levels of carbon dioxide, regardless of whether or not the plants' growth is stimulated. The study examines various types of ecosystems, including crops, grasslands and forests, and involves large-scale field experiments conducted in eight countries on four continents.Read More »

  • In 2014, Global CO2 Emissions Stopped despite Economic Growth

    For the last 40 years, whenever the world economy grew, so did the Earth's carbon dioxide levels — until 2014, The Washington Post reports. The International Energy Agency (IEA) announced that in 2014, the economy grew and global CO2 emissions levels didn't. In the past, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions was due to an economic downturn. That's because economic growth is often linked to increased energy use, which in turn increases emissions. The "decoupling" of the economy and carbon emissions was likely the result of efforts by energy companies to fight climate change, the IEA says.Read More »


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