• Do You Really Want to Get Wealthy?

    Do You Really Want to Get Wealthy?

    Life is based on principles and practice. If you could know the principles and practice them diligently, there is a high probability that things would work out for you the way you want it. Two things that bring a difference is that people are different with their uniqueness and time changes. We live in a world of changing times and changeless truths. You might have read how to become wealthy, now I'm asking you, do you want to become wealthy? Are you sure about that? If yes, read and act on this informationRead More »

  • ₦3 Million Grants to ICT Businesses in Nigeria

    Diamond Bank’s Building Entrepreneurs Today (BET) programme, an annual capacity building, and business education project aimed at generating interest in entrepreneurship has begun accepting applications for its fourth season.Read More »

  • Master the Game of Money

    What do you think of when you hear the word money? Like religion, sex, or politics, few topics elicit such strong emotions as that word. It can make people feel guilty when they have it — or ashamed when they don’t. It’s intensely personal and highly charged.Read More »

  • 7 Areas of Constant Growth for an Extraordinary Life

    All of us have gap between where we are and where we want to be. As achievers we know that whatever we focus on, we will find a way to achieve. The challenge so many of us face is in finding balance. If you want an extraordinary life, there are seven areas of constant growth you must master: Physical Body, Emotions & Meaning, Relationships, Time, Career & Mission, Finances, and Contribution & Spirituality. Like spokes on a wheel, if one or more of these areas is out of balance, you are going to experience pain.Read More »

  • 10 Important things to Know about Personal Finance

    Money is what we all use. We all have our personal finances to take care of. One thing you need to know is that money is a tool. You are meant to use it for things. You are meant to control it. You are to make money, manage money and multiply money. To do this effectively, you need to be well informed about personal finance. Here are the 10 most important thing you need to know about personal finance.Read More »


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