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You Have To Care About Every Minute Of Your Day!

Today’s advice comes from Steve Harvey. This advise is on time management.

“Well, actually what makes me able to do the things that I do is, and here’s something that people kind of wince a little bit when they hear me say it, but I actually care about every single minute of the day. Every minute of every hour matters to me, and I try to make those minutes as productive as possible.” Continue reading

The WaterWheel 2.0 is here!

Women and girls around the world spend over 25% of their time each day collecting water. You and I both know that a woman’s time is valuable. With more of it, she could send her daughter to school, earn income, and make informed choices for the well-being of her family. In September 2011, the Wello team arrived in India with the goal of improving the experience of collecting, storing, and using water. Over the last 15 months, they’ve spent countless hours designing and prototyping in the field. They’ve carried hundreds of litres of water and interviewed over 1,500 community members, practitioners and experts. Continue reading

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