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3 Things that Helps in Selling Yourself Completely

There is this saying, “Sell or be Sold”. The truth is, in life you need to keep selling yourself if you want to make meaning. ‘Sell’ in this context does not mean that you should receive an exchange of money for selling yourself to someone. However, it means when people, clients or customers think of having something, where their mind goes is towards you. This is because you have sold yourself to them. You have created a value for yourself in their minds Continue reading

You Have To Care About Every Minute Of Your Day!

Today’s advice comes from Steve Harvey. This advise is on time management.

“Well, actually what makes me able to do the things that I do is, and here’s something that people kind of wince a little bit when they hear me say it, but I actually care about every single minute of the day. Every minute of every hour matters to me, and I try to make those minutes as productive as possible.” Continue reading

Purpose Defined

Some few months back, I was in a Church (Harvest House) service where Gbenga Sesan was the guest minister. He spoke on the subject of ‘purpose’. He defined ‘purpose’ so well that he actually talked about his own story. And like you must have known, the secrets of great people are in their stories. If you want to know the secret of great people just make yourself available when they are telling their stories. Or look for their story in the books they write. Continue reading

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