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How to Turn Domain Names into Massive Profits

The information contained in this post is strictly for those who want to start an online business in the domain selling/flipping niche. You will learn the things you need to do right to turn your domain names into massive profits. If you are already looking for how to, be glad that you have found a resource that will answer your question and put an end to your search. If you are looking for an online business to do, you can also learn from the information here and then go all out to start turning domain names into massive profits. Continue reading

Get .XYZ, .NEWS and .TECH Top Level Domain Names

Every month, several new top level domain names are released by domain registrars in order to afford anyone the opportunity to own a domain name that really represent their online business or online presence. No doubt, top level domain names like .com, .net and .org are very popular on the internet. If you think about it well enough, these popular domain names started some day several years ago. Which means, you should worry yourself over the significance of the .xyz, .news and .tech top level domain names. Continue reading

WARNING: Get a Custom Domain Name for Your Blog

Quickly, I need to tell you that you need to get a custom domain name for your business blog. This is most especially for bloggers who own a business blog that has either or attached to the domain name. It’s not enough to start a blog, hoping to run a big business on it, but you are still using a free domain name. Continue reading

The domains are Now Available

The .ng domain registry as of today made available the domains. These domains are meant to serve the purpose of the present-continuous English language terms and perhaps URL shortners. Examples of this would be domaining, singing, dancing, tutoring coaching and lots more. You can get yours today.

You can chose to register the domain names (used as an example and more) with the .ng extension instead of the However, you should know that the .ng domains are premium domains which costs between $75 and $150 depending on the domain registrar you intend registering the domain with. If you don’t have that much, it is safe to register a domain name with the extension instead.

You can get the domain from Web4Africa, a leading .ng domain registrar. They are making the domains available at a promotional price of $6 per year. You should get that your domain name today. Or you can choose to get it later. The thing is, the price will be increased from $6 and also, someone else may buy the domain name that interest you while you wait too long.


Click here to order your own domain name with the domain extension today.


Attention Students: Get a Free .ME Domain Name


For a limited time, Namecheap is offering university students a .me domain name and email hosting — completely free for one year. To claim your free bundle and kickstart your web presence, simply visit and sign up.

Namecheap is working with students and educators to get more undergrads online. You can help your school climb up the Namecheap leaderboard and earn cash at the same time.

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