• 3 Easy Ways to Become a High Performer at Work

    Everyone wants to work with high performers — and most driven professionals want to be one. These employees — strong leaders who get their work done and drive results — not only excel in their own careers; they also tend to be valuable assets to their teams and companies. "The most important competitive advantage that any organization has is the quality of its talent — the people that run the show, make the decisions, come up with the ideas, design the products, and deliver the services," says Terina Allen, CEO of management consulting firm ARVis Institute, in a recent LinkedIn post. Read More »

  • 7 Habits of Financially Free People

    These are 7 Habits of Financially Free People - in Honor of Stephen Covey!Read More »

  • What Next After Your 3rd Class or Pass University Degree?

    Hello friend, what's your plan after getting your 3rd Class or Pass University Degree?Read More »

  • Three Powerful Principles for Success

    There are three principles of military strategy you can apply to your work every single day. The first idea from the military is called the Principle of Manoeuver. The principle of manoeuver says that you should be clear about the goal, but be flexible about the process of achieving it. According to the Menninger Institute, this quality of flexibility is the most important single quality that you will require for success in times of rapid change.Read More »


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