• A Week Long Action Challenge to Protect Our Environment

    This year for Earth Day, Global Citizen wants to challenge you to take an action a day for a week straight to protect our environment. The challenge is simple. Starting April 22, 2017, you will receive an email a day with an action of the day for seven days. Once you complete the challenge, you will have been a part of protecting the environment for generations to come.Read More »

  • Steps to Overcoming Procrastination

    Yes, let's face it. We've all sinned. And the sin here is the sin of procrastination. We all procrastinate day in, day out. In addition to this, we know that procrastination is not good but we let it pass without doing anything about it. We conclude by saying something like "tomorrow is another day". And the truth is, tomorrow never comes. So we end up either pushing what we need to do away or we end up doing nothing about it.Read More »

  • Let Them Say

    let them say

  • Do These

    You should do these business tips if you are considering building a successful brand. I'm working on it myself. The truth is, a brand is using these tips and they are making billions of dollars doing so. You will find out about the brand later.Read More »


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