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More than 70 Million Accounts Suspended on Twitter

Twitter is suspending millions of accounts every month including 70 million users in the past two months. These accounts are said to be fake and or suspicious. Over a million fake and suspicious accounts are suspended on Twitter almost every day.

The essence of this is that it helps to lessen the wrong information people have about the Twitter platform and about the Twitter users with many fake and suspicious followers. In addition, the fake and suspicious accounts were found to be in violation of Twitter's terms. This action is positive, however, it may lead to a decline in monthly Twitter users.

The rate of suspending accounts on Twitter has increased since after the pressure from the US Congress to prevent foreign interference in elections. This action will help the Twitter create a healthier platform to better protect users from manipulation and abuse. Only time will tell whether the work is paying off.

Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, vowed to improve the health of conversations on Twitter and is working with researchers to develop better policies surrounding the issue.

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