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Is there Junk in Your Life?

Picture a big ship being worked on in a dry dock. Beneath the waterline is all the junk it has picked up during its several voyage. Nobody can see it, but an experienced captain can feel it because his ship lacks the drive it once had. As a result, companies complain that it takes too long to get goods for their customers, and the ship’s owners are unhappy because it hurts their bottom-line in a competitive market. Continue reading

How Do YOU define Success?


Up here, I have a quote about Success from a very brilliant man. I guess you think I’ll say a “billionaire”. But really, being a billionaire doesn’t define success. And as you can read from his quote, “Success is a lousy teacher…”

What does success mean to you? In the video below, Soul Pancake asked a couple of people, “How do YOU define success?”. I embedded the video here also so you can watch and give your own answer. I’ll be looking forward to your response as comments further below.

READ: My Definition of Success

We all want to be successful, but sometimes its hard to know what we’re really looking for. To find out more, Soul Pancake hit the streets to ask people what success means to them and how they find it. Presented by Strayer University:



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