Here are the real reasons you need to start a company in Africa. This is as packaged by ALNventures. ALN (African Leadership Network) Ventures is a startup accelerator established to develop early stage, private ventures across Africa. They help entrepreneurs looking to move beyond a fledgling enterprise. The defining characteristic of ventures that succeed in Africa is access to networks – networks that provide mentors and experts, capital and a talented team to build companies. Their program is built on an extensive network of investors, mentors, topic experts, entrepreneurs-in-residence and peer entrepreneurs. The emphasis is on a tailored program – they recognize that not every startup needs the same things, and we will bring you the mentors, financing, experts and peers that you need.


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1. Growing consumer base: Africans are earning more and demanding better products ans services.

2. Fastest enterprise growth rates: Real annual sales growth of African companies is one of the highest in the world.

3. Simple ideas can be big businesses: Africa has the mix of talents, capitals and ideas.

4. Favorable labor demographic trends

5. A rare chance to build something that matters

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Source: ALNventures


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