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Do you Know How Often You Should Post on Social Media?

Do you wonder how often you should post on social media to increase engagement and get more followers? If you do, you are not left out. Most people do. That’s because there are art and science of posting on social media. This art and science is what you need to follow if you really want to get more engagements on your posts which will lead you to get more followers and reach. Continue reading

Types of Instagram Ad Formats

With Instagram, you can reach out to your audience or new audience via the end-to-end advertising solution provided via the different Instagram Ad formats. The advertising solution drives real business results and you should take advantage of it for your online business. Especially if you want to increase awareness or get visits to your blog/website or downloads of your mobile app. Continue reading

This is How to Choose an Influencer Marketer for Your Campaigns

If you want good results (conversion and sales) based on your goals, then you need to know how to choose an influencer who will contribute towards your business goals by carrying out inbound marketing for your business. Influencer marketing is one of the ways you can get the word out about your business’ products or services to the targetted audience you want for your business. However, not all influencers will get you the result you desire. Influencer marketing is good but it can be a bed of thorns for your small business if you don’t select the right type of influencer for your business. Continue reading

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