The World Will Hit the SDG Targets by 2094 NOT 2030

In this talk, Michael Green, an economist, and social progress expert tells us why the world will not hit the SDG targets as planned for 2030 but in 2094.

As you may have known, in 2015, the world leaders made a big promise called the Sustainable Development Goals. The promise that everyone will be better off on some very important issues (e.g. health, education, equality, water, sanitation) by 2030. We are three years in already but how far have we gone? Are we going to achieve those goals or not?


“We are living in a world that is tantalizingly close to ensuring that no one need die of hunger or malaria or diarrhea,” – Michael Green.

In the video below, Green shares his analysis on the steps each country has (or hasn’t) made toward these Sustainable Development Goals — and offers new ideas on what needs to change so we can achieve them.


Michael Green is part of the team that has created the Social Progress Index, a standard to rank societies based on how they meet the needs of citizens.

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