What I Learned from Writing "I Score a Goal" 1000 times

I woke up today remembering what happened to me several years ago when I was still a kid. Myself, one of my uncles and few other people were watching a football/soccer match on TV (probably Arsenal FC or Super Eagles of Nigeria). I kept shouting "goal" whenever a player makes an attempt (a shot) to score a goal. After the match, my uncle asked me to write "I score a goal." 1000 times. Imagine, writing "I score a goal" 1000 times on several sheets of paper. That is like 4000 words. And if you count the characters, that's like 15,000 characters.


It was too tedious for me. If I can remember clearly, I was like 10 or 11 years old then. But, the lesson learned that day is still with me. And they are helping me greatly.

Some of the lessons are as follows;

▪ Your attempts at scoring can never be considered as a goal. Which means, it's okay to work hard and work smart but getting results is all that truly matters.
▪ Don't tell people something you don't really know. Which means, try to get your facts clear before saying or informing someone about something you know nothing about. You'll only be considered a fool.
▪ True learning doesn't come with just being taught, you also need to put what you learn into practice, over and over again.
▪ Practice doesn't make perfect. It is practicing the right things that truly makes perfect.

If you have ever made a mistake of calling a scoring attempt a "goal". You also need to go from here and write "I score a goal" 1000 times.

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