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The Top 10 Professional WordPress Themes

According to the stats about WordPress themes usage, one in four websites (including blogs) uses a WordPress theme. That’s an amazing stat which literally means that one out of every four websites you have visited today use a WordPress theme. If not, the site you are on now uses a WordPress theme. Many sites, either personal blogs, business blogs, eCommerce stores, government websites and lots more use a WordPress theme because of its flexibility and user-friendliness amongst other things. Continue reading

How to Get Recurring Traffic to Your Blog without a Lot of Work

There are various ways to get recurring traffic to your blog. I’m not sure how many you use already but it’s not bad to add another to your traffic generation arsenal. The way you will find in this article is what has been in existing for a long time. Which means you may have tried it. If you have, I’ll be looking forward to reading your comment about how it works for you. For those new to this method, it is the opportunity for you to use this tip to get recurring traffic to your blog. Before we go in-depth, I need you to know that this information will require your creativity even though you won’t do a lot of work. If you are a creative type, then this will be easy peasy for you. Continue reading

How to Use Bing Webmaster Tools as a Keyword Research Tool

There are various keyword research tools online to use. One of such is the Bing Webmaster Tools. Though Google Webmaster Tool (now called Google Search Console) may be well-known, but when it comes to search engine market share, Bing is also a major player. This is due to the power of Bing Webmaster Tools. Continue reading

Making Money with Binary Options: Overview of Binomo Broker

Binomo broker is a binary options company that stands out among many other binary options brokers. By offering a proprietary online trading platform to its clients, loyal trading conditions, free training, bonuses and gift options, the broker is able to be a good alternative when choosing a modern binary options platform with low entry price to make money online with. Continue reading

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