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How to Get Paid: Receive Payments Quickly

Many times, I’m asked by online business newbies on how they’ll get paid when they actually make money online. To me, it’s a good question to ask. This would help the newbies to also make preparation from the start. I won’t recommend anyone to keep doing online business and when it comes to getting paid, they find out that they can’t have access to their earnings. In this post, you will find different methods through which you can get paid for your earnings. Continue reading

Quick Questions on Selling Online

Today’s quick questions on selling online was asked via my email and I think it’s okay for me to publish it here because it is going to help so many people as well who have the similar questions on The Art of Successful Selling. If you have a product you want to sell online but you don’t know how to go about it, the questions below and the answers I give will be useful for you. Continue reading

How Do I Make Money from Blogging in Nigeria?

In this short and well expository post, you will learn the basics of what a blog is and how to make money from blogging. If you want to make money online actively and passively, whether part-time or full-time, you should pay attention to what you are about to read. Please note: I cannot share all about blogging and making money from blogging in just one post. You should become part of our readers/subscribers to learn more and how you need to do it yourself and make more money. Continue reading

How Do I Start with Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is one of the ways to make money online in Nigeria. So many bloggers in Nigeria already know what it is and how to start with Google AdSense. Not only that, there are lots of Nigerians who make money from AdSense every month, actively and/or passively. If you don’t have a Google AdSense account yet, this post is for you. I wrote this because of I got to answer this as part of the readers’ questions.

Please follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1. Register a domain name and get a web hosting account. This is essential because you need a blog to place AdSense ads. Not only that, registering a domain name and getting a web hosting account shows that you are serious about online business and not just for AdSense only.

If you have an account with AdSense already, you might need to get a paid domain and web host and them move your blog from free blog to a paid blog.

Step 2. After you successfully complete step 1, make sure you develop your blog’s looks, structure, and accessibility. Also add between 10 and 20 useful and unique posts on your blog. Make it appealing to people. Don’t just make it a “copy and paste” blog. Involve your uniqueness.

Step 3. Go to and apply for an adsense account as a publisher. This should be done at least 90 days after you started your blog. This gives you more probability to be accepted by Google Adsense. You can choose to do otherwise, but if you really want to be accepted and also make money from adsense, ONLY apply when you are sure that someone will want to advertise on your blog via Google AdSense.

In registering, make sure you choose the best account type, either personal or business. Fill the form correctly with all the right information about you. Make sure all the information provided by you is correct before you finally submit your registration for Google Adsense.

After you are accepted, it’s time to start placing the AdSense ads on your blog.


How Can we be Making Money Online from Audio Music?

I sent out an update in which I asked my blog’s readers and visitors about what they would like to learn about making money online? Most of the questions have been answered via the posts I’ve already written on this blog. Here is one of the questions I have not written about. If you have things you want to learn about making money online, please send in yours too. Continue reading

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