Protecting the Girl Child in Nigeria. What Part are You Playing?

I support cause related with children and also the girl child. When things happen to the girl child or any child, I either go silent on my knees or speak/write on my feet.

I got a broadcast on my BlackBerry messenger about the girl child in Nigeria. Here is the broadcast.

To Mum, she's an Angel! To Dad, a Princess! To Brothers, a Priceless Jewel. To Sisters, a Best Friend! To Aunties and Uncles an Adorable Sweet Child!!!

I am certain everyone reading this has one! A girl child, a joy to the world! To be pampered, protected and loved!

Over 200 of this precious ones abducted and taken away from their loved ones, forced to become Sex Slaves, Cooks, Maids, and every unimaginable thing to Dark, Evil, Demented, Dirty terrorists! What a Tragedy!

Yes, they seem far away in Borno born to Poor Ordinary People BUT just like you, to them these girls are Princesses, Angels, Priceless Jewels and Sweet Adorable Nieces!

Don't be numb to the Pain. 7days and counting and still no word! No Daily Progress Report or any kind of information.

I cannot launch a Rescue Mission and neither can You but Our Government can! The bucks stops at their table ! Let's come together and put pressure on the government to do something right.

Please rebroadcast and mount the pressure. It works ! Say a prayer and keep talking about it Until the Federal Govt takes action and brings them home!

Don't do it for me, do it for the Girl Child in your life! If you have not joined the #BringBackOurGirls campaign worldwide, it's time you find one and join. Your little act will be useful to the big goal of protecting the Girl Child in Nigeria


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