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WordAds Network: Now Open to Self-Hosted Blogs

The Automattic’s WordAds Network which can only be used on free WordPress blogs (i.e. blogs on WordPress.com) is now open to self-hosted WordPress blogs. This means, as a WordPress blog owner, you can display the WordAds Network banner on your blogs through the new WordAds. WordAds is Automattic’s version of Google AdWords. If you know AdWords, then you already have an idea of how WordAds works. In case you don’t. Advertisers use WordAds (like Google AdWords) for display advertising. So, in other to make use of the WordAds network, you will need to join the network, have a minimum traffic required (thousands) and install JetPack plugin and AdControl plugin to make the ads work on your blog. Continue reading

These Are the Factors that Influence Your Adsense Earnings

One of the first things most Adsense publishers ask when they begin participating in AdSense is, “How much will I earn?” Because lots of factors contribute to your earnings, we can’t give you an exact answer; what we can do is explain what those factors are and what you can do to influence them (while still complying with AdSense program policies, of course). I hope the information below will help give you an idea of what to expect. Continue reading

Media net Affiliate Program: Earn up to $20,000

I once wrote about Media.net which is a very good contextual based ads display which publishers can use on their blogs or website to generate revenue. This is a very good alternative to Google’s AdSense because it is a Bing Network Contextual Ads Program. In addition to this, Media.net recently launched the media.net affiliate program in other to give publishers the opportunity to earn more. Which means, as a media.net publisher, you earn based on the contextual ads on your blog/website, you also earn by referring people to successfully become a publisher with media.net Continue reading

Block Unwanted AdSense Ads: Stay in Control of your Brand

With AdSense, you have the sole right to decide which ads can and can’t display on your blog/site. You need to always be in control of your brand. You don’t want irrelevant ads to be displayed on your blog via AdSense. You don’t want adult ads to be displayed on your blog which targets children. Neither would you want gaming ads to be displayed on your blog that has nothing to do with games. Continue reading

How to Rightly Increase your AdSense CPC on a Nigeria Focused Blog

I got an email from a reader asking me to “please teach me how to increase my AdSense CPC”. In response to the email, I’m here to teach you what you need to do to rightly in order increase your AdSense CPC (cost per click). This would help improve your AdSense income daily. Please note, like you read from the title of this post. What you will find here are only the right things to do which adhere’s to Google AdSense policy with respect to publishers placing AdSebnse ads on their blogs or sites. Continue reading

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