How to Position Affiliate Links Wisely for More Click Throughs

For successful affiliate marketing, it is important that an affiliate marketer knows where to position affiliate links in a blog post in order to generate more click-throughs. It is believed that more click-through leads to more visit to the product/service an affiliate is recommending. Also with increased click-throughs comes more sales and commissions from the product/service being recommended as an affiliate.

So many internet users are now using ad-blockers. With the ad-blockers, banner ads and contextual ads on your site will not be shown to the user who uses ad-blockers. However, link ads will still be shown to them. Here is why it is important to know how to position affiliate links effectively in your contents for more click-throughs. You have to seamlessly and strategically place your links in your content.


How to Position Affiliate Links

1. Above the fold

It is okay to place an affiliate link near the top of the content. This should be one of the very first links a visitor will see in the content. This would help the visitor to check out what you are recommending before getting carried away by the other links in your content.

Don’t be afraid to have an affiliate link near the top of your content. You should have one that is visible on the screen as soon as the blog post is loaded. This is a good backup for content skimmers who don’t read right through your content.

In the main body

The usual custom is to position affiliate links within the main body of your content. Don't neglect this. However, if you want to make the best of the position in the main body, make sure you put your affiliate link where you know people will want to check out what you are recommending. Ask yourself, when will the reader be willing to check out what you are recommending. The best answer to that is when the reader is convinced enough of the value he/she would get.

End of the content

Most cautious online buyers will usually read the content down to the end of the page before deciding whether or not they’re willing to buy. Also, most readers will want to satisfy their curiosity by reading to the end of the content before they get into buying mood. Once they’ve finished, you need to hand them your affiliate.


Knowing how to position affiliate links wisely is one of the major things you need to know to become a successful affiliate marketer. No one strategy fits all for affiliate marketing. You need to be able to know how to put all of these together in order to make a lot of money with affiliate marketing.


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