What You Need to Know about the Paris Agreement

When a record-breaking 175 nations signed the Paris Agreement at the UN ceremony on April 22, Earth Day 2016 officially became one for the history books. But with a whole bunch of technical and official-sounding terms flying around, it’s not always immediately clear exactly what’s next with the Paris Agreement and why it’s the biggest step the world has made in solving climate change.

paris climate agreement

That’s why we created our fact sheet, What You Need to Know About the Paris Agreement, which answers the most common questions your friends – on the internet or IRL – are probably asking about the agreement.



In the fact sheet, we answer nine key questions including:

• Wait – I thought the agreement was signed in December. What’s happening now?
• Which countries have already signed? Are the largest greenhouse gas emitters on board?
• What happens now that over 175 countries have signed the agreement
•What can I do to help?

Download the fact sheet and find out which nations have already signed, how the agreement will help prevent the Earth from warming over 2 or even 1.5 degrees Celsius, and what you can do to support and strengthen the Paris Agreement. Enjoy!

- Your friends at Climate Reality


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