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Nigeria: High Economic Losses and Deaths from Poor Water and Sanitation

According to the joint research by Marc Jeuland (Duke), Semra Ozdemir (NUS), David Fuente and Maura Allaire (UNC-Chapel Hill) based on Water and Sanitation Paper prepared for the Copenhagen Consensus Center Project: “The Way the World Is” and titled “Economic Losses from Poor Water and Sanitation: Past, Present, and Future”, Nigeria is estimated to lose over $40 million economically as a result of poor water and sanitation by 2050. Continue reading

Nigeria to Address Unemployment with SEEFOR Project

Federal Government yesterday launched the State Employment and Expenditure for Results (SEEFOR) project worth about $350 million. The pilot project is to be financed by credit of $200 million by the World Bank and has attracted additional financial support of about 80 million from the European Union, EU. The fund is a credit from the World Bank expected to run for a period of five years in four SEEFOR participating States of Bayelsa, Delta, Edo and Rivers. Continue reading

Nigeria has between 1 and 5 Gigawatt Hydropower Capacity

As at today, according to the International Hydropower association, Nigeria has hydropower capacity between 1 and 5 Gigawatt. An interactive map was created for the world’s hydropower installed capacity. This interactive map below shows the latest available data for national hydropower installed capacities. In many countries these numbers are reflective of primary published material at the end of the year advised. Continue reading

Africa’s Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014

Seven Social Entrepreneurs were today named Africa Social Entrepreneurs of the Year at the World Economic Forum on Africa taking place in Abuja, Nigeria. The awards were conferred by Philipp Rösler, Managing Director, World Economic Forum. “Social entrepreneurs are an integral community of the World Economic Forum and an increasingly sought-after one,” said David Aikman, Managing Director at the World Economic Forum and Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship. Continue reading

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