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Are We in the Age of “Free Online Classifieds”?

If you do a search for “Free Online Classifieds” on search engines or on social media sites, I bet that you will be overwhelmed by the amount of free classified ads site you will see from the results. I did the same thing few days ago before writing this post and got lots of results. This led me to ask if we are really in the age of free online classifieds. It seems so. This is because in the last few days, I have read about some old, some new and some thriving free classified ads site. Continue reading

Nigeria: National Competition for Malaria Destruction

Mobile Software Solutions – the leading African Mobile Games Company and Platform – has released its gaming modalities as it flags-off the long awaited NATIONAL COMPETITION FOR MALARIA DESTRUCTION (NCMD). NCMD is a flagship of MDG FOUNDATION. The core strategy is using “Technology to Fight Malaria”. With the criteria now released at, the contestants are now challenged to conquer the e-Health Adventure of the NCMD Regional Contest. Continue reading

ListMe: New Premium Business Directory for Nigerians

I need Food, a Make up Artist,business services, where to relax, a school for my ward. The “I NEED(S)” could be endless, especially when you don’t know anyone in that business or field to call up. Very Annoying Right? The Good news is, those days are gone! Yes Gone!!! A new business directory connecting businesses together called ListMe® has Launched its business site to help people put a stop to all these worries. The aim of this site is to connect businesses in all areas to end-users, so as to meet their needs and provide them with the business service they need. Continue reading

Top Nigerian Startups selected for DEMO Africa 2014

DEMO-AfricaDEMO Africa 2014 is the launchpad for emerging technology and trends which will be held on the 22nd to 26th September 2014 in Lagos, Nigeria. This year DEMO Africa will again launch 40 of the most innovative start-ups in Africa and highlight some of the best new technology innovations from across the continent. The 40 finalists have gone through three rigorous screening processes with the final vetting and adjudication done by a pan-African panel of judges comprised of entrepreneurs, VCs and Academia. The Judges included Dele Akinsade, Bob Mbori, Victor Okigbo, Lukonga Lidunda, Martin Butler, Rebecca Enonchong, Stephen Gugu, Ali Hussein, Muchiri Nyaga, Toby Shapshak, Moses Sitati and Richard Tanksley. Continue reading

Nigeria Donates $3 Million to Fight against Ebola Virus

ebolaThe ECOWAS Heads of State and Government summit held in Accra on Thursday, June 10th 2014 has directed the establishment of a solidarity fund to support the fight against the deadly Ebola virus. Oil-rich Nigeria has committed $3 million to the fight against the disease which has claimed hundreds of lives. According to the proposal on how to spend the money, one million dollars would be allocated to Guinea, $500,000 to Sierra Leone with Liberia also receiving $500,000. Half a million dollars would be given to the West African Health Organization (WAHO) to help adopt a regional approach to counter the Ebola virus. The remaining one million dollars would be lodged in the ECOWAS Pool Fund for Ebola.

Chairman of ECOWAS, John Mahama at the close of the 45th Ordinary Session of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Heads of States and Government, asked other Member States and the international community to endeavour also to contribute towards the Solidarity Ebola fund.

About 467 deaths out of 759 Ebola virus cases were reported in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia as at June 30, this year. The disease has remained a major health concern for many African states.


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