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Nigeria: Access to Drinkable Water Increased to 29 percent

During the event, Presidential Public Affairs Forum organised to enable key ministers to showcase to the public some of the major achievements by the President Goodluck Jonathan administration over the last three and a half years, the Minister of Water Resources, Sarah Ochekpe, took participants through the journey of her ministry so far, concluding that it had been an impressive performance as the transformation agenda of the administration in the water sector focused on the provision of sustainable access to safe and sufficient water to meet the social and economic needs of all Nigerians. She maintained that the major aim of the roadmap in the sector was to achieve the vision 20:2020 targets as set up in the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and Africa Water Vision in 2025. She stated that out of 37 completed dams, 16 are with hydropower potential capable of generating 135.15 megawatts of electricity have recorded 87 per cent completion. Continue reading

Nigeria at 54: So What Does that Mean?

On October 1 2014, Nigerians celebrates the 54th year of the Independence of Nigeria from the British colony. Nigeria at 54 means, as you already know that the independence occurred on October 1 1960. We’ve come a long way as a nation, however, with respect to development, we are very far away to be considered in the ranks of the well developed country. We can be proud of how far we have come but we still have lots of nation building to do as Nigerians. I am Nigeria. Nigeria is me. Continue reading

Water for All in Lagos, Nigeria by 2020


LAGOS State Governor, Babatunde Fashola, said his administration was likely to meet the residents’ water needs by the year 2020. He said this after inspected the ongoing 70 million-gallons-per-day Adiyan Waterworks project in Oke-Aro. “The plan is that, hopefully, by 2020 we should be able to meet the water needs of Lagosians,” he said. Continue reading

World Humanitarian Day 2014 in Nigeria: #TheWorldNeedsMore #Smiles

True Worshippers’ Family celebrates The World Humanitarian Day in Nigeria: #TheWorldNeedsMore

twf-whd2014-bEvery year, United Nations celebrates World Humanitarian Day to raise public awareness of humanitarian assistance worldwide. On this date Aug. 19 2014, the True Worshippers Family joins the UN to continue their ground-breaking international campaign with the theme:The World Needs More. Continue reading

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