7 Online Jobs You Can Do to Make Money Online (No Interview Needed)

This is a guest post by Akorede Shakir (see his bio below). He shares 7 real and tested online jobs you can start doing today to make legit money online in the next 30 - 45 days. A side note, if you are not ready to work these things out don't bother reading because reading without implementing won't make any difference and you'll just waste your time reading. However, if you are ready to do, read, learn and carry out what you'll find below.

It's the digital age, but can we agree that it is the absolute fault of any millennial (people born between the years 1980 and 2000 inclusive) to stay jobless? My answer is YES; here is why…

The number of self-made young multi-billionaires who have changed the hand of history in the past 2 decades is a hallmark declaration of a new entrepreneurial world within which any resolute mind can start a business and succeed phenomenally – all thanks to the Internet – but then you’re frantically jobless.

It cannot be more confounding!

Imagine if you’d spent the entire time of rigorous job-hunting on learning how to create a successful online business (with no capital), implementing the hacks day by day. I join you to conclude that the story wouldn’t have remained the same.

In the succeeding lines, I’m going to show you a number of online jobs you can start doing today to change the game.


7 Onilne Jobs that Works


1. Online Tutoring

Unharnessed, a host of millennials are naturally outstanding. Their expository prowess and ability to solve others’ problems, academic or otherwise, are amazing. As students, some often assume the roles of teachers in the lecture rooms. Bravo! But come to think of it, why should such fortune waste for no reason?

You have nothing to loose, everything to gain. Open a personal blog to establish your talent in a purposeful manner. Whatever niche you decide to delve into (health education, sports, environmental problems, leadership, or business, among others), the bottom line is to create your wealth from your own resources.

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2. Freelance Writing

This is the most astonishing, to me. It’s an unrestrained source of wealth and value creation that gives you interminable freedom, being a passionate and creative writer.

Freelance writing, an aptitude to transform ideas/information into cohesively adorable messages, is a great demand for the success of businesses and individuals who exchange cool price for the service. According to, more than 1.5 million clients are longing to hire you as a freelancer. Now or later, when will you decide?

In it’s wide varieties, a couple of services you could start selling include: Copy Writing, Content Developing, Book Reviewing, News Reporting and the list goes on.

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3. Graphic Designing

Truly, some millennials command an incredible sense of designing but the market is just so deterring. That’s simply the greatest hurdle. There’s too much competition.

If you’re surrounded by this circumstance, here’s the path to your breakthrough: set up an account on Fiverr. Done? Start your business on a world stage, and enjoy the rest of your rewarding moments.

Note: What it means to be a graphic designer is the genuine creative sense and ability to design logos, business card, book covers, booklets, banners and, by and large, company branding. These are the precise services that attract ready-made patronage thereon. However, you may wish to hone your skill.


4. Affiliate/Digital Marketing

This is a simple way of standing on the shoulder of the giants to reach the zenith. But foremost, of what benefit is your time on social media? Keep thinking!

Here’s an opportunity. Concentrate a token of your time on marketing products on your social networks and get paid for every sale made.

Quick Guide:

*Build an engaging online presence
*Take winning measures to grow a sizeable audience
*Apply for affiliate marketing
*Build audiences’ trust and turn friends into customers
*Get a means of receiving your commission

Always remember this: no matter how micro, a thousand of Facebook friends and twitter/Instagram followers is enough to convert an aimless social life into a business.

Learn affiliate marketing here: The Affiliate Marketing Guide You Should Read and Earn with


5. Web Development

From the name, web designers are never expected to market their service anywhere else rather than the Internet. This is why my belly hurts whenever I see some people do this.

Stop putting your peg in the wrong hole.

Its better this way, showcase your skill adequately and appropriately, online, if at all you care to win any trust. Beyond that, you must be able to build your link on the web community so as to claim your space.

Essentially, going for this gig means you already possess the basic tools. So, start implementing the skills as you keep accelerating your web design skills.


6. Social Media Manager (PR)

No one can actually tell the size of the available opportunities for skilled millennials who can develop and implement irresistible marketing strategies for businesses, celebrities, governments [including it’s several establishments], and all sorts of celebrities you all love to hear from. Yes.

With a good command of required language skills tilted slightly towards the art of Public Relations, your PR job simply entails content management and management of top media profiles through an online service that operates in a highly seductive pedigree. Meanwhile, it is always good to be a professional.


7. Blogging

Here’s the biggest recap. Blogging might although not encompasses all it is for online business, but it definitely gives expansive privilege to achieving all discussed in 1-6. Aside being a pool of oceanic income, on its own, it enables unlimited side gigs as far as online business is concerned.

Writer’s note: These 7 online jobs you have read/learned about are just tips of the iceberg. The farther you go into any of the ones you choose, the further the road.

However, there are human beings like you who run this blog who are willing to help you not only get started but also to support you all the way. If you need any support with any of the 7 online jobs, you can always get in contact and they will be willing to assist you.

Akorede is a freelance writer. He teaches millennial writing and digital marketing at


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