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Instagram Adverts: How to Get Brands to Advertise Through You

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As you may have heard, Instagram (as well as Instagram adverts), is one of the fastest growing and impactful social media platforms around. Due to this, people and brands are moving onto the platform at an amazing pace looking for people that can get the word out about their products and services. This is an opportunity for you to make good use of if you use Instagram at least four times a week.

These people and brands are not just looking for anybody. They are looking for Instagram users they can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. In this sense, the Instagram user should be someone who can generate quality leads and sales for the brand, and the brand is ready to pay what is necessary for the Instagram advert or sponsored post (image, video or story).

One of the many metrics the brands use to determine who they’ll choose for the Instagram adverts is the Instagram users with a large following/community and responsive followers. Many of the people or brands do not have the following that you may have (or soon have). So, they are willing to pay for access to your audience. Usually, your active followers should be at least 5,000. Also, you will need to have a reasonable level of engagement (e.g. 5% real likes and 2% real comments). These figures are not absolute. It depends on what the advertiser wants or the industry you want to publish Instagram adverts in. However, the figures are like a benchmark you can start with.

While ensuring that you have the minimum required figures, there are two main ways by which you can get brans to advertise through you. You can do this by waiting for them to contact you or you go ahead and contact them yourself. While waiting for the people and brands to contact you may be uncertain, there are influencers platform you can join which quickens this process. To contact them directly, you need to first develop a one-page pitch that details what you do, your Instagram metrics, which industry you focus on, what your advert range is and any other convincing details that could help you get Instagram adverts. Then simply conduct a qualitative and quantitative research to locate this people or brands. Contact them and pitch away.

In case you don’t know how to. These are a few ways to earn money with your Instagram account:

Paid promotion for specific people/companies
Affiliate link promotion
Shoutouts, where you actively promote another Instagram account

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