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Improving your Website Performance

Millions of people click on Google AdWords ads every day. This free booklet on Improving your Website Performance is titled ‘Improving Online Conversions for Dummies’. It explains how you can make sure your ads show on searches that are most likely to convert into sales. Understand which ad clicks and impressions lead to conversions, better apportion your marketing spend and even develop your own conversion attribution model. Discover the secrets to getting more bang for your buck with this booklet.

If you have been looking for a means whereby you can make your Google Adwords more profitable, this booklet will help you a great deal. It is what you should invest your time to read and apply accordingly.

Every so often Google puts out free information products, and they have just released this booklet. It’s good reading and has lots of useful information on how you can improve your website amongst other great things you need to do.