Florida & Puerto Rico: How to Prepare for Hurricane Irma

According to NBC News, Hurricane Irma strengthened as it churned toward the Caribbean amid storm warnings, watches and states of emergency in Florida and Puerto Rico and was expected to near land late Tuesday, September 5th, 2017.

Preparing for Hurricane Irma

One of the best ways to prepare for Hurricane Irma is to be rightly informed via the right sources of information about Hurricane Irma.

To help with that, here are valuable sources of the information you should know and apply. These are the most relevant news articles you can find.

1. Irma Strengthens to Category 4 Storm as Florida Prepares

2. How South Florida is gearing up for the storm

3. Irma strengthens, ‘increasing chance’ storm could impact Florida

4. Irma grows to Category 4 strength as it barrels toward Puerto Rico

5. With Harvey gone, all eyes turn to Irma

6. Irma: Florida and Puerto Rico brace for storm

Above all, as you prepare for Hurricane Irma, stay safe as much as possible and avoid panicking. You have the strength to stay above it and if you don’t, kindly seek for assistance around you.

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