When Growth is Your Number 1 Driving Force

Is growth your #1 driving force? This could be a yes, no or maybe response. But let me ask, do you always have more to learn? Are you the type who goes to a house party and the first thing you do is to join a conversation and learn something new? Does your best friend describe you as steady? Are you the type who would look for something new to create if you find yourself on a deserted island? Are Friends and Family the most important thing to you in the world? If you answered ‘yes’ five times, then maybe your number 1 driving force is growth.

Let me ask you a few more questions so as to be certain. If you are to be featured in a teenage romance-comedy movie, will your role be the wise mentor? Is ‘room for development’ your ideal work environment? Is helping others part of your routine? Is your ideal relationship a relationship with someone that makes you a better person? Is helping others the most important thing in your life? Are Friends and Family the most important thing to you in the world? If you answered ‘yes’ five times again, then I can confirm that your number 1 driving force is growth.

Now that you know what your number 1 driving force is – a strong desire for ongoing improvement. This force is your fuel and prevents you from stagnating or feeling sluggish and bored.

What are Your Strengths?

Development: Physically, intellectually, spiritually and/or emotionally, you constantly strive to learn new skills and knowledge. You understand the truth of the phrase “we either grow or die” and practice it in your daily life.

Pushing your boundaries: Failure is just another chance to try, try, try again. You know you can always be something more, even if the path isn’t always clear.

Independence: Because you find joy in learning, you are fairly self-sufficient and active. You don’t need others to tell you who you are. \

Detachment: Life is not about material things. It’s about what you know and are able to do.

What are Your Weaknessses?

Leaving others behind: Your devotion to your own improvement can make connecting with others seem less meaningful. This can make you seem detached and overly private.

Never feeling satisfied: Because you feel at your best when you’re developing, you can find periods of rest frustrating. Since you avoid stagnation at all costs, you might be moving on before you’ve learned all you need to from a situation.

What Can You Do?

If growth is really your number 1 driving force, I think you should be concerned about your weaknesses. What you can do is to focus on connecting more with others. This can be achieved by bringing others on your journey. Take time to gain deeper connections with others around you while still learning. Another thing you should do is to include more pleasure in your life. Growth is wonderful, but it can make you feel worthless if you’re not constantly becoming better. Finding other ways to experience joy and pleasure besides learning will help you feel more balanced. Also, your growth becomes valuable if you contribute more. Doing this will make you feel fulfilled and whole. Pass on what you learn.

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