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How to Easily Get Verified on Instagram

As at August 2018, it is now possible for anyone to apply to be verified on Instagram. Before now, Instagram chooses who to verify. These are few public figures, celebrities, and brands. However, now anyone can apply via an official application process.

You can easily request for your Instagram account to be verified but it doesn’t mean Instagram will hand out the verified badges easily. Anyways, it’s worth applying to see if you will be verified or denied.

In the video below, I recorded my phone’s screen to show you the steps I took to apply for Instagram to verify my account. You too can do it from your mobile phone. The same process works for everyone. Even though the details may be a little bit different, you will still get to know what to do your phone.

Watch the video below


After sending in your request for verification, Instagram will review your application. You’ll then be notified whether your request is approved or denied. The response is not right away and there is no specified time for how long the process takes. Just wait for the response.

Being verified by Instagram means your account has been confirmed as authentic by Instagram. This puts your profile in a perspective of originality and people will want to follow your account rather than an imposter.

The seal approval from Instagram won’t be granted to every account. At this point, I don’t know the requirements to be qualified for a verified account. However, if your account is genuine and not a spam account, you should be in a good position. Also, I think the number of people following you is not a requirement for verification.

In order to increase the chances of being verified by Instagram, you could make sure you follow Instagram’s terms of service and community guidelines. In addition, your account should be unique, authentic, public, and your profile must be complete with a profile photo, bio etc. Also, if you are well-known, highly searched for person, brand, or entity, your chances of been verified is high.

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