How to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

One of the ways I make money online is by publishing sponsored posts on this blog and on its social media accounts. A sponsored post is simply a post published on any targeted website/blog which is explicitly sponsored as an advertisement by a particular company or an individual. The essence of a sponsored post is to get a large amount of popularity through promotion on active or most viewed websites/blogs in a particular niche. Companies or individuals do this to increase their brand awareness and to get more users from authoritative blogs like

sponsored post

You can add this model to your streams of online income or as a substitute or replacement of other pay-per-click advertisement formats, such as web banners, text and rich media. What you need to do is to get companies or individuals who can sponsor posts on your blog posts. These posts contain links/URLs that point to the home page or specific product pages of the website of the sponsor. As a blogger who publishes sponsored posts, you receive compensation in the form of money, products, services or in other ways specified by the company of an individual.

Companies or individual business owners get to send their products/service to review. They supply the materials to use and then pay the fees as soon as the post is published. You too can do this on your blog and make steady income from publishing sponsored posts.

But…. There is a problem! And the problem is, you need large numbers of blog readers and you need companies who will pay you to publish their reviews/posts on your blog. It’ll be hard to get lots of sponsored posts opportunities if your blog is not authoritative. It’ll be hard to get companies or individual business owners to contact you for sponsored posts if you don’t have a convincing readers base. In essence, you need traffic and you need to make your blog authoritative in the niche you have chosen. On the traffic issue, if you have like 1000 daily readers, you are good to go. If not, you need to read and apply the traffic tips. You will find lots of helpful things you need to do to make your blog an authoritative blog.

On the issue of getting companies or individual business owners to have their products/services promoted on your blog, there are various places/platforms on the internet where you can get to connect with companies. However, I recommend a bloggers job board called BlogExpose. This blogger’s job board helps in connecting bloggers with companies or individual blog owners who need to get the word out about their products/services. I can recommend to you also register with Webfluential if you have influence and you want to get sponsored post to publish on your blog and/or on your social media profiles. Webfluential is where brands connect with digital creators like you.

To get access to sponsored posts opportunities, you need to register on BlogExpose also register on Webfluential. Your registration will be approved and you can start applying for sponsored posts jobs. You will be paid for every post you publish on your blog based on the requirements of the company or business owner.


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  1. Hey buddy,
    Thanks for this wonderful post displaying a lot of understanding on making money online.
    BlogExpose is new but I’m glad many bloggers have had paid jobs on the platform 😉

    Truth, this is soon going to be a great and quick place to ‘harvest’ paying jobs so I encourage bloggers to jump on board as soon as they can.

    Thanks for the shout out man

    1. Thanks for stopping by to drop a comment.

      Really, BlogExpose is going to be a place to harvest good paying blogging jobs.It’s good bloggers get on.

  2. Hi bro,
    Registered on BlogExpose but if am right, it seems their mode of payment is through Paypal. How can a Nigerian make successful transaction via Paypal?

    1. Hello Tunde,

      Yes, most of the companies or individual business owners choose to pay via PayPal but you can also reach an agreement with the company or individual business owner on the mode of payment that suits you.

      Have you registered on BlogExpose?

      1. I have registered there and my blog has even been confirmed.

        Concerning the payment, probably I’ll try to find another way to withdraw earnings if its only Paypal that is the mode of payment like maybe asking of help from a “Trusted Third Party”

  3. ok, sir am seeing your conversation with Tunde. Is there any way someone can withdraw his/her earnings through a third party? I would be glad if you publish the article here.

    1. The third-party means that you sell your earnings to someone you trust who has a PayPal account that can receive earnings and then the person pays you the Naira equivalent.

      Have you also read “How to Get Paid” ?

  4. Thanks for the tip sir. I just registered my email on gravatar its time for me to sign up. Thanks for giving us this great website to earn am very grateful for it.

    keep it up

  5. Great post. Was wondering if such stuff exist but here we are, i would like the same for my site.

  6. Nice details on sponsored posts, thanks for sharing. I have learned a lot and now try these tips at my blog to get sponsors.

  7. Hi Adesoji,

    This ‘little great post’ of yours is fantastic! Big ups to you!

    I will definitely apply everything you have stated here. Have you heard of IZEA, by the way?

    Adding your site to my reading list ASAP.


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