7 Habits of Financially Free People

These are 7 Habits of Financially Free People – in Honor of Stephen Covey!

1. Your Financial Status is Your Choosing, Be Proactive not Reactive. Be Self Aware, Use your imagination, will and conscience.

2. Set a Goal for your Finance and Begin with the end in mind! You can’t navigate effectively and efficiently if you don’t start with the end.

3. Some things are important and not presently urgent, schedule them. Some things are emergencies already, fix them. Some are designed to waste your time either delegate or eliminate them. Put first things first for your finances.

4. Money will always come to you through others, always think Win-Win. You need to live with the paradigm of abundance not scarcity. Creation, not competition.

5. If you will get the most value from a relationship, you need to seek first to understand before being understood. You have 2 ears and 1 mouth, you should use the ears more.

6. Your greatest financial breakthrough will happen when you achieve absolute synergy with others. If one of you can make $10,000, two of you can make $1,000,000. It’s why partnerships have higher success rates.

7. Sometimes we waste energy because we have refused to regularly keep ourselves effective by sharpening our financial intelligence saws. Regularly renew, sit with a mentor and review. Renew 3 dimensionally.

Originally written by Deolu Akinyemi


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