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VISA Financial Soccer: Develop Your Financial Knowledge while you Play Soccer!

One of the things I do daily is to update my financial knowledge. One of the tools I use is the VISA Financial Soccer. I came across a game several months ago. It’s a game made by VISA (an American multinational financial services corporation). Visa Financial Soccer is a fast-paced, sports-themed game, but it’s also a learning tool. The game is divided into three (3) categories. Continue reading

10 Important things to Know about Personal Finance

Money is what we all use. We all have our personal finances to take care of. One thing you need to know is that money is a tool. You are meant to use it for things. You are meant to control it. You are to make money, manage money and multiply money. To do this effectively, you need to be well informed about personal finance. Here are the 10 most important thing you need to know about personal finance. Continue reading

The Parable of Talents: Why the Rich Gets Richer

Why do some people retire rich and most people retire poor? You need to know why the rich gets richer. This subject has fascinated philosophers, thinkers, mystics and teachers throughout the ages. There have been so many cases of hundreds or thousands and even millions of men and women who have started with nothing and become financially independent that people are naturally curious to know why it happened and what are the common rules or principles that others can apply to become wealthy as well. Continue reading

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