Adesoji Adegbulu

Cash Flow Analysis: Developing Your Finance Skills

Becoming wealthy is not only dependent on how much money you make. You also need to develop your finance skills to be able to manage and multiply the money you make. If your only aim has been to make real money online, you need to know that you can’t make enough money without financial skills. I get diverse emails and chats from people who wants to make money online but after asking them few questions about finances, they reply with answers that shows they really need to become financially intelligence.

To help you and other, I am giving away the free eBook on cash flow analysis. This free eBook will help you to understand how cash flows are generated and what factors affect them. This skill is an integral part of making financial decisions that increase a your economic value or the capabilities of a nonprofit organization like a small online business. In this eBook, you will learn the following;

– How business capital is generated and why it needs to be actively managed.
– The purpose of a cash flow statement in your business and how it complements the other key financial reports.
– The counter-intuitive way that the ‘cash account’ is used in published accounts.
– How to analyze an indirect format cash flow statement to see your true financial status and that of your online business.
– How to compare accounts that have been prepared using different accounting methods.

The eBook is free but you’ll have to submit your email address so the eBook can be sent to you. The reason for this is simply because we don’t want just anyone to have access to the contents of the eBook. To get a copy of the free eBook, click on Cash Flow Analysis – Developing Your Finance Skills



  1. Akaahan Terungwa Avatar

    Hello Ade,

    I commend your efforts and agree completely with the brief summary you’ve provided here. My dad famously reminds me that income/money is like a reservoir: if what is coming in is equal to what is going out, the net result will always be zero!

    He is perfectly right – and so are you!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      Hi Akaahan,

      Thanks for your effort in reading and making a comment.

      Your dad is very right.

  2. Sadek Avatar

    People do not need to learn this skill unless they are running a fairly large business.

    1. Adesoji Adegbulu Avatar

      Yes Sadek, you are right.

      Here is the thing. Someone who runs a small business but doesn’t learn these skills will find it hard to develop and run a fairly large business.