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The Facebook Survival Kit

The Facebook Survival Kit shows you 75 tips, tricks, tools, resources, and hacks for your businesses on Facebook. These techniques were used to reach 25% of Facebook fans with every post when most other businesses reach only 2-4%. Continue reading

Facebook to Favour User Generated Contents. Here’s What to Do!

Facebook’s new algorithm change will favour user generated contents over publishers. This means the algorithm will rank posts (contents) by real people (your family and friends) over those from publishers and brands. This is bad news for content publishers and brands because they’ll need to do more to get their posts seen by Facebook users. However, for the sake of authenticity and thought leadership, I think this is good news! What do you think? Continue reading

9 Facebook Marketing Mistakes You should Avoid

Facebook marketing is one of the best thing that can happen to the products and services you offer on your blogs. The reason for this is very obvious. You have a larger percentage of potential customers who are ready to make a purchase of what you have as long as it meets their needs. If you have been looking for a way to sell more, Facebook Advertising is the way to go. One vital thing is that so many people make mistakes when using Facebook Advertising for their products and services. Continue reading

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